Rabdan Academy strives to prepare students in a positive model of leadership and social awareness.

Rabdan Academy is committed to create a cooperative, friendly and a motivating environment which is beneficial to learning. The academy is a forward-looking educational organization, capable of going beyond traditional learning models and methodologies to address the educational needs of today’s students striving to promote general student well-being, personal growth, leadership development, social responsibility, student empowerment; as well as social, emotional and career development.

The Academy presents credible opportunities for personal development to compliment classroom learning and academic success of the students. There are plenty of opportunities available for the National and International students throughout the academic year for leadership development, self-awareness, social interaction, team building, character building, volunteering, corporate social responsibility, and self-management.

The main objective of this initiative is to build their education and lifelong experience and provide opportunities to practice non-academic activities and to contribute in diverse interests. Also, the academy provides full support to its students to create or join clubs, and participate in organizing the academy’s events, activities or launch initiatives, where it fulfills the social interactions, and build strong relationship between the students, faculty, and staff.

Most activities put the students in a great emphasis on health and physical fitness that encourages them to exercise and participate more in a various number of sports.  Rabdan Academy provides both male and female students with a majority of activities.

International Students are one of the most important features of life at Rabdan Academy as it is truly a multicultural environment. The aim is to provide National and International students with as many exchange opportunities as possible. Such as International learning and knowledge that boosts students towards acceptance and understanding of an array of different cultural and community perspectives, awareness and adoption of unconventional, varied approaches to learning and a broader general knowledge.

As students live and study in the diverse Emirate of Abu Dhabi, they will experience different cultures and study experience, and will connect and build lifelong friendships, while they meet and interact with people from around the world through an extensive and engaging educational programs offered by the academy.