Student Life

Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and have access to a comprehensive range of support services and activities. These are designed to help students attain personal growth and academic achievement.


The Academy has a library and information centre containing books, journals, reports and other media. You can use the library resources and services online. Staff at the library service desk will answer your enquiries and provide information about opening hours, membership, and borrowing. Whilst on campus, you have access to modern computer laboratories where you can study, conduct research and collaborate with other students in a technology-rich environment.


The Academy provides a range of facilities including parking on campus, a cafeteria, study areas, and prayer facilities.


Enrolled students are assigned an Advisor.


Through a range of awards, the Academy recognizes outstanding students with exceptional achievements.


While enrolled at the Academy, students whose home emirate is outside Abu Dhabi, are provided with accommodation and ancillary services.


Throughout the year, students enjoy a variety of social, cultural, and physical activities to complement their learning activities, and designed to enhance their experience at the Academy. Participation in activities provides students with the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned in their programs.