Mr. Anthony James Garrett

Mr. Anthony James Garrett

Lecturer, Business Continuity Management & Integrated Emergency Management Program

A risk and security consultant specialising in force protection, risk psychology, health crisis management and emergency planning. Masters graduate having completed an MSc in risk, crisis and disaster management from the university of Leicester in United Kingdom in 2020.


An armed forces veteran having completed 24 years soperational service which led to fulfilling the role of Dputy duty controls officer (effectively an Incident Manager for all NATO Communication systems for the defence of the member states) in the Operations centre of NATO headquarters in Mons, Belgium.


An experienced Information Security Manager, with a proven track record of managing communications and information systems (CIS) for enterprise level clients, including cyber security, IT Infrastructure, VHF/HF systems and intelligence services. Key strengths include designing and delivering CIS training programmes for internal and external teams to improve competencies; managing and coordinating CIS projects in remote and hostile environments; manging 3rd party suppliers on information security deliverables and auditing projects to ensure compliance with agreed standards;

  • BA in MSc Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management from University of Leicester (DL)
  • Doctorate in Security and Risk Management from University of Portsmouth
  • Communications and Information Systems.


  • Professional Issues and Security Concerns with Shift to Remote-Working – C-IMRC Cyber Science Conference, Jan 21
  • Homeward Bound – Feature Article in Southwark News – UK, Feburary 2020.
  • Article on UOTC Competition for Wire Magazine (Royal Corp of Signsals Publication) – July 2019
  • Articles For Fusilier Journal Royal regiment of Fusiliers Publication) 2015-2017

  • Articles for The Star the publication of the Royal Anglian Regiment – 2015-2017
  • 7 Operational medals from UK Goivernment/MoD and NATO.


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