Dr. Amanda Jane Davies

Dr. Amanda Jane Davies

Assistant Professor - Science in Policing and Security Program

Dr Amanda Davies comes to Rabdan Academy from the position of Course Director and Senior Management Team Member at the School of Policing, Charles Sturt University at the NSW Police Force Academy, Australia. Dr Davies  has been with the School of Policing since 2002 during which time she has managed curriculum development teams, managed development and delivery (staff and students) of new policing courses ( for distance/online and internal modes), developed staff training programs, undertaken contracted research for the NSW Police Force, subject coordinated and lectured across policing subjects. Dr Davies has published extensively on the influence of simulation and technology based learning and application for police practitioners. In addition to the development and evaluation of e-learning programs for police recruit training Dr Davies research includes evaluating police operational initiatives – Body Worn Video Camera deployment and training programs including Active Shooter Training, Use of Force Training, Field-based officer leadership training, Major Public Order Incident Command Training and Emergency Services Triage Training.  Dr Davies is the recipient of a Vice Chancellor Award for Teaching Excellence and an Australian Learning and Teaching Council Award (Prime Minister’s Award) for innovation and quality in teaching and learning practices.

  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Master of Education
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Post Graduate Diploma Business and Administration
  • Post Graduate Certificate University Learning and Teaching
  • Post Graduate Certificate Applied Management
  • Policing and Ethics
  • Human Rights
  • Police Communication and Negotiation
  • Project Management
  • Resilience
  • Leadership
  • Human Resource Management
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Introduction to Crime Scenes

• Evaluation of the impact of technology ( Simulation) in police education;
• Impact of Body worn cameras for operational policing;
• Evaluation of police education and training programs;
• Indigenous Police Officer Recruitment and Training;

Book Chapters

• Davies, A. (2013). Using simulations in Police Education. In J. Higgs, D. Sheehan, J. Baldry Currens, W. Letts & G Jensen (Eds.) Realising Exemplary Practice-Based Education (pp.239-247). Rotterdam, ND: Sense Publishers.
• Davies, A. (2012). A Leap of faith: Embedding e-Simulation in an Associate Degree in Policing. In C. Nygaard, N. Courtney and E. Leigh (Eds). Simulations, Games and Role Play in University Education (pp.223-239). Faringdon, UK: Libri Publishing.
• Davies, A., & Roberts, K. (2011). Communications in Policing. In P. Birch & V. Herrington (Eds). Policing in Practice (pp.) Sydney, AUS: McMillan.

Sole Authored Books

• Davies, A. (2010) The impact of re-useable learning objects in education. Saarbrucken, GR: Lambert Academic Publishing.
• Davies, A. (2005). Working in Hospitality Operations. Croydon, AUS: Tertiary Press.

Co-authored Books

• Davies, A., McLean, D., & Watson, A. (2004) Customers and Colleagues. Croydon, AUS: Tertiary Press.
• Davies, A., Krau, F., Braham, B., Ellyard, S., & Allanson, J. (2003). Communication for Business. North Ryde, AUS: McGraw-Hill.

Journal Articles

• Davies, A. (2016) Shoot/Don’t Shoot – what are the influences? – The police recruit perspective. International Journal Police Practice and Research, Publisher: Emerald DOI: 10.1080/10439463.2015.1077835
• Davies, A. (2015) Incident Command Decision Making: Perception vs Reality. Australian Policing A Journal of professional practice and research. Vol 7, Number 1.
• Davies, A. (2015) Beyond the Tick and Flick: An Approach to Identifying the Realised Value of Simulation Exercises in Educating for the Future. International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences. Vol2, Issue 3. pp. 116-119.
• Davies, A. (2015) The Hidden Advantage in shoot/don’t shoot simulation exercises for the police recruit training. Salus, 3, 1, 16-31.
• Davies, A. & Kelly, A. (2014) Talking the talk: Developing a student centred approach for teaching communication skills for operational policing. Salus Journal, Vol 3, No 2, November 2014.
• Davies, A., & Dalgarno, B. (2009) Learning fire investigation the clean way: the virtual experience, Australian Journal of Educational Technology, Vol 25, Number 1, 2009.
• Davies, A. & Dalgarno, B.(pending) Fidelity in simulation learning exercises for novice and experienced practitioners, International Journal of Education and Society (awaiting review) Publisher: Taylor and Francis


• Davies, A. (2016) Evaluation of NSW Police Force Body-Worn Video Camera Implementation, Charles Sturt University, Goulburn.
• Davies, A. (2016). Report on the Evaluation of the NSW Police Force Take the Lead Training Program Repot 1. Charles Sturt University, Goulburn.
• Davies, A. (2016). Report on the Evaluation of the NSW Police Force Take the Lead Training Program Repot 2. Charles Sturt University, Goulburn.
• Davies, A. (2015). Report on the Evaluation of the Pre-attestation phases of the Associate Degree in Policing Practice or preparing Probationary Constables for operational duty. Charles Sturt University, Goulburn.
• Davies, A. (2015). Report on the Associate Degree in Policing Practice Pre-attestation teaching staff feedback on teaching/curriculum 201515. Charles Sturt University, Goulburn.
• Davies, A. (2014). IPROWD Training program curriculum evaluation. Prepared for NSW Police Force, Aboriginal Programs Unit.
• Davies, A. (2014) Report on the evaluation of the impact on tactical option decision making skills for recruit police officers through an integrated police tactical skill training delivery program. NSW Police Academy, Goulburn.
• Davies, A., & McDonald, M. (2011) Report on the PPP126 WTTU Firearms Training Peer Support Program. NSW Police Academy, Goulburn.
• Davies, A. (2009). Report on the NSW Police Force Minerva Public Order Simulation Operation May, 2009.

Doctoral Thesis

• Davies, A. (2013) What is the impact of simulation-based learning exercises on the development of decision-making skills and professional identity in operational policing. Doctoral Thesis, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, AUS.


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