Dr. Ala Mohammad Shdouh

Dr. Ala Mohammad Shdouh

Assistant Professor - General Education and Foundation Program

  • Name : Dr.  Ala’ Mohammad Shdouh
  • Address and place of residence: Emirates – Abu Dhabi
  • Place of work: Rabdan Academy
  • Position: Assistant Professor in the General and Foundation Program
  • Tel: 00971543746824
  • Nationality: Jordanian
  • Place and date of birth: (Jordan) Beit yafa – Irbid – 12-18-1981
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Work email: ashdouh@ra.ac.ae
  • Personal e-mail: dr.alaa@dr.com
  • PhD in Arabic Language – Literature and Criticism – from Yarmouk University – Jordan – 2012.
  • MA in Arabic language – literature and criticism – from Yarmouk University – Jordan – 2007.
  • BA in Arabic Language from Yarmouk University – Jordan – 2003.
  • Everything related to the Arabic language for the general and foundation program.
  • Training courses and initiatives..
  • Ancient and modern literary studies
  • Ancient and modern critical studies
  • Grammar studies
  • Community studies


  • Research entitled:  The need for the comparative approach to some other critical approaches The two books of “Al-Omda” by Ibn Rashiq, and “Al-Mumtia” by Al-Nahshali, between the precedent and the taking” – A comparative study. Philosophical Readings: XIII pp. 1139-1155 (Q4).
  • Research entitled: (Stranger to the Gulf _ Psychological Reading _ “The Game of Looking Inside and Out”)_ Journal of Al-Quds Open University_Palestine_2014.
  • Research entitled: (Critic Issues in the Commandments of Criticism – A Study in Theorization, Analysis and Application). Jil Journal of Literary and Intellectual Studies / Algeria – 2014.
  • Research entitled: (_ Introduction to the third part of the book “Insights and Ordnances – Technical Analytical Study) Fifteenth Literary Criticism Conference – Yarmouk University-2015.
  • Research entitled: (Critical and rhetorical terms related to the verbal structure of the literary text and its advantages in the criticism of ancient Arabic prose – an original critical lexical study) – Journal of the College of Arab and Islamic Studies for Girls in Alexandria – Al-Azhar University – 2015.
  • Research entitled: (Terms of Rhythmic and Vocal Structure in Criticism of Old Arabic Prose, Study in Criticism of Rhetorical Terminology) – Narrative Journal – Suez Canal University – 2015.


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