Blood Donation:

Every year, Rabdan Academy takes part of the Blood Donation Campaign in cooperation with SEHA to save lives of those in need. This campaign happens on the premises on Rabdan academy, inviting Students, Faculty and Staff to donate blood voluntarily as they are aware that it helps patients suffering from life-threatening conditions as it is also giving to the community.

The purpose of this campaign to raise awareness of the need for regular blood donations to ensure the quality, safety and availability of blood and blood products for patients in need.

Community Donations:

Sometimes giving back to the community is as simple as giving.

Rabdan Academy’s faculty, staff and it’s students donated an overabundance of Educational Books and Clothes as an aim to support and assist the community at the social, cultural and economic level individually to meet urgent social needs. As in-kind aids move seamlessly from Rabdan Academy to local organizations like the Red Crescent Authority and into the hands of those in need.

People of determination:

The UAE refers to the people with disabilities as ‘people of determination’ in recognition of their achievements in different fields.

The people of determination were warmly welcomed to Rabdan Academy by the Management, faculty and staff. They have been introduced to the facilities at the academy and what it can offer them. Also, presents were handed to them as an appreciation of their achievements in the society.

People of Determination Courses:

Rabdan Academy, in cooperation with the Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination and Abu Dhabi Police, announced a CSR initiative by organizing a training course for People of Determination (visually impaired), in conjunction with the International Day of the Blind, “the white cane”.

The Academy is always ready to design training and awareness programs that suit the needs and requirements of all government institutions, based on eight years of experience in designing training programs according to the highest international standards, which achieve a high level of trainees’ satisfaction.”

The organization of this course by the Academy confirms that people of determination are an essential part of the UAE society, and they can contribute to making the UAE society safer and more stable. The Academy provided a specialized trainer in this field, who presented the one-day course in Braille as part of the Academy’s strategy in cooperation with other government institutions, including the Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination, and in support of the ‘We Are All Police’ initiative launched by Abu Dhabi Police.

Flu Vaccination:

As part of Cooperate Social Responsibility, Rabdan Academy hosted a Flu Vaccination campaign on the premises for the flu shot annually to protect against the flu strains. Students, Faculty & Staff were all part of this campaign.