In today’s fast-changing and competitive world, developing and keeping the knowledge and skills of the employees up to date, is one of the most critical requirement for achieving organizational excellence.  

Given the shortage of time and resources faced by organizations, short courses allow your employees to learn and update their knowledge and skills without being absent from work for long periods.

Rabdan Academy provides a selection of short courses designed for professional development of personnel working in the Safety, Security, Defense, Emergency and Crisis management (SSDEC) sector.

Customized Vocational Short Courses

Rabdan Academy can design and deliver customized short courses tailored to meet your specific requirements and to make them relevant to your organization. We can customize the courses listed in the catalogue to meet your requirements. If you need a course within SSDEC domain, we will be able to design it and deliver it for you, depending on your requirements the course content, timing and duration can be customized. The courses can be delivered at Rabdan Academy or at any other location of your choice.


If you wish to discuss any aspect of our Vocational Short Curses Programs, please contact the Academy’s Vocational Affairs Department on:

+971 2 599 9706, or +971 2 599 9709

or email at