Abdulla Al Yammahi

Abdulla Al Yammahi

Alumni Council President

Dear All,

As a graduate from Rabdan Academy, I am proud. Being a student in this prestigious university has given me an invaluable experience and knowledge which has built the path that lead me to where I am today.


With a curriculum that recognizes prior education, I was able to build on what I’ve previously learned instead of repeating courses, giving me a more effective, professional, and valuable experience. In addition, the research opportunities in offered in cooperation with government entities provides an irreplaceable experience that directly applies to my current work. I am not only satisfied with the knowledge I’ve gained from Rabdan Academy, but I am also proud of the opportunity it has given me to repay my country for all the good it’s provided me and our population with. Rabdan Academy is a future-oriented autonomous institution with direct ties to the Abu Dhabi government, making it the perfect institution to give me the tools I need to give back to my country.


With an unmatched education in the UAE, I can rest assured that I’ve made the right choice to build a career that contributes to the national resilience against crises.

Thank you.


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