In a special ceremony Rabdan Academy Honors its Distinguished Students

In a special ceremony Rabdan Academy Honors its Distinguished Students

As part of its endeavors to support students and encourage excellence in areas of competence, discipline, good conduct and leadership, Rabdan Academy in Abu Dhabi, specialized in safety, security, defense, emergency readiness and crisis management sectors, honored yesterday distinguished students, for excellence in a variety of scientific and academic disciplines. The ceremony was attended by Mr. James Morse, President of the Academy; Dr. Faisal Al Ayyan, Vice President of Rabdan Academy, and members of administrative and academic bodies.

Award categories included; Best Student awards in Policing and Security Science, National Security, Integrated Emergency Management, Business continuity Management, Leadership, GPA, Volunteering at the Youth Council and Excellence.

The Academy honored more than 80 male and female students who had outstanding scientific accomplishments, discipline and participation in the Academy’s activities and events. The Academy President Mr. James Morse handed certificates to the honored students during a well-organized ceremony.

The students expressed their happiness with this recognition emphasizing that “studying at Rabdan Academy provided them with scientific and practical skills necessary to excel in work environment”.

Mr. James Morse, President of the Academy, said: “We are proud of the scientific and academic achievements of our students, which reflect the long-term vision aimed at qualifying and training them, using state-of-the-art capabilities, in line with the aspirations of the UAE’s wise leadership.”

“We are always working to create a distinct and multidisciplinary future educational environment capable of providing government institutions with qualified specialized Emirati nationals to contribute to UAE’s prosperity and protect its achievements,” Mr. Morse added.

For his part, Dr. Faisal Al Ayyan, Vice President of Rabdan Academy, encouraged students to double their efforts and continue to excel in academic achievement to serve the country to the fullest. Moreover, he stressed that distinguished students set an example for other students across various fields.

Al Ayyan said: “We are aiming to motivate students to continue their journey of excellence and academic attainment and contribute to the UAE’s progress and elevate its status amongst other nations.”

He added: “The Academy provides training programs aimed at promoting national competencies and skills, utilizing programs that are developed to meet the requirements of our strategic partners and enhance the competencies and leadership skills of individuals to face current and future challenges, through academic and applied education and hosting specialized experts.”

The Academy President Mr. James Morse deliver his speech