Alumni Portal

The aim of Alumni Portal is to provide a point of contact between former students and the Academy through social and professional networking. Rabdan Academy is proud of its graduates as they stand as testament of the achievements made to date.

With the growth of the Academy in an increasingly competitive environment, it is now essential for Rabdan Academy to operate a comprehensive, well-coordinated Alumni group. It is our wish that graduates of Rabdan Academy play an active role in the ongoing life of the Academy and that a strong, lifelong relationship of mutual benefit is sustained between the Academy and its alumni. Moreover, to participate in special events, enroll in classes, enjoy social events, and give back to Rabdan Academy.

Alumni Portal is a platform for all the secure services that are available to our alumni, including updating personal details and setting contact preferences.


To build a consistent bridge of connection and communication between our Alumni and all program representatives. Our goal is to provide our former students with a platform where they may remain in contact with their academy, thus providing them with opportunities for further growth and development in various sectors and diverse spectrums.


To encourage and motivate alumni involvement with the program in extracurricular activities such as events, conferences, research opportunities, and to track alumni activities.

Abdulla Al Yammahi

Alumni Council President

Alumni Adel Saleh Al Hammadi

Specialized in Integrated Emergency Management and a former member in Students Council at Rabdan Academy