We graduate generations armed with science and knowledge who contribute to the UAE’s development and modernization process. We at Rabdan Academy are always keen to maintain communication with our former students and meet with them from time to time to allow the sharing experiences and expertise among them by providing an effective point of contact. We are proud of our graduates who stand as testament of the achievements made to date.

Our graduates play an active role in the ongoing life of Rabdan Academy with a sustainable strong, lifelong relationship of mutual benefit between Rabdan Academy and the alumni, participating in special events, enrol in classes, enjoy social events, and give back to Rabdan Academy.

As one of our graduates, we offer you a complete integrated platform that includes a variety of services available to you, which you can benefit from anywhere and at any time.


To build and maintain a lifelong community of alumni who continue to promote cooperation and coordination between relevant national institutions to address future national security challenges, by continuing to develop their professional skills, curiosity and relationships after graduation.


To provide Rabdan Academy’s Alumni with opportunities to participate in educational, training and other scholarly activities in the domains of Safety, Security, Defence, Emergency preparedness and Crisis management for the purpose of enhancing their professional development, networking, sharing evidenced-based practices and readiness to address future national security challenges.


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