Crime Scene (CSI)

Become a crime scene investigator who has theoretical knowledge, practical professionally skills, and abilities to coordinate crime scene responsibilities.

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Degree Programs
Program TitleCrime Scene
Exit Award(s)Associate Degree / Diploma
Academic Unit offering the programFaculty of Resilience
Program ChairDr. Khameis Al Abdouli
Duration2 – year Associate Degree / Diploma
No. of Credits60 credits – Associate Degree / Diploma
Delivery Site(s)Rabdan Academy
Mode(s) of DeliveryFace-to-Face (maximum of up to 25% online courses)
Mode(s) of StudyFull-Time / Part-Time


The program graduates crime scene investigators who have theoretical knowledge, practical professionally skills, and abilities to coordinate crime scene responsibilities.

The program enhances the knowledge, skills, and standards in crime scene forensics as well as the overall quality of crime investigation within policing organisation in the United Arab Emirates. Graduates have a broad perspective on key theories, models, and issues related to policing operations and crime scene investigation practices. Topics include fingerprinting, photography, and crime scene forensics, management, and coordination.

  • Have relevant technological skills, knowledge, and abilities for employment in SSDEC sector.
  • Work and communicate effectively in a team to achieve common goals.
  • Apply standard, ethical practices, procedures, and technologies to process a crime scene.
  • Expand knowledge and capabilities through continuing education, certification, or other lifelong learning opportunities.
  • Fulfil civic duties and responsibilities through local, national, or global service.
  • Explain the role of crime scene staff in the investigative and criminal justice process
  • Define how crime scene investigation contributes to the delivery of operational policing and performance
  • Explain the scientific principles which underpin crime scenes investigations
  • Analyze a crime scene for investigative opportunities and application of forensic crime scene theories
  • Prepare and present appropriate documentation in support of a crime scene
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills to work as an effective team member in respective areas within the crime scene discipline
  • Identify areas for personal and professional development within the area of crime scene discipline


Program Courses that are approved for Optional Online Delivery
ISL100Islamic Studies
CSI223Introduction to Criminology
CSI224Human Rights, and Ethical Policing
CSI222Law and Criminal Justice Studies
EMS100Emirates Studies


Semester One

Semester (1)
CodeNameCreditsPre Req
SEC290AFundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Gen Ed – SBS)3
CSI102Introduction to Crime Scene Forensics3
ARA100Arabic Studies (Gen Ed – HFA)3
ISL100Islamic Studies (Gen Ed – HFA)3
SEC100AIntroduction to Academic Studies (Gen Ed)3


Semester (2)
CodeNameCreditsPre Req
CSI223Introduction to Criminology3
CSI100Managing the Crime Scene3
CSI224Human Rights, and Ethical Policing3
CSI221Effective Crime Investigation3
CSI103Introduction to Fingerprints3


Semester (3)
CodeNameCreditsPre Req
CSI101Introduction to Forensic Photography3
CSI226Child Protection3
CSI215Crime Scene Forensics3
CSI222Law and Criminal Justice Studies3
ENG103General English for Diploma (Gen Ed)3


Semester (4)
CodeNameCreditsPre Req
CSI221Introduction to Fire Investigation3
CSI216Fingerprint Evidence – Theory to Practice3
EMS100Emirates Studies (Gen Ed – HFA)3
MTH101General Education Mathematics3
CSI214Crime Scene Forensic Photography3


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