Defence and Security

Zayed Military University

Highly specialised, multidisciplinary courses in military leadership, critical thinking, ethics, and joint warfighting.

4 years


Degree Programs
Program TitleDefence and Security
Exit Award(s)Bachelor of Science
Academic Unit offering the programFaculty of Resilience
Program ChairDr. Warren Chin
Duration3 – year Bachelor of Science
No. of Credits120 credits – Bachelor of Science
Delivery Site(s)Off-campus Instructional Site
Mode(s) of DeliveryFace-to-Face
Mode(s) of StudyFull-Time


Prepare the next generations to be competent, knowledgeable, professional, and resilient leaders capable of defending and protecting the UAE and its national interests.

The Defence and Security program includes highly specialised, multidisciplinary courses in military leadership, critical thinking, ethics, and joint warfighting. This world-class qualification is unique in the region and through a combination of lecture, discussion, simulation exercises and applied real-world scenarios, students learn team leadership, professional ethics, joint operations, and resilience of national security through the core principles of contemporary relevance, integration, cooperation, joint-force coordination, and interoperability. Graduates are joint-service military officers that will grow and mature together with their parent Services and national Defence Forces.

  • Have relevant technological skills, knowledge, and abilities for employment as a manager in the SSDEC sector.
  • Work, lead, and communicate effectively in a team to achieve common goals.
  • Apply standard, ethical practices, procedures, and technologies to collect information, identify threats, assess risk, and implement effective interagency solutions to build national resilience capacities.
  • Enhance cognition and critical thinking with advanced perception, memory, reasoning, decision-making, and language skills.
  • Expand knowledge and capabilities through continuing education, certification, or other lifelong learning opportunities.
  • Fulfil civic duties and responsibilities through local, national, or global service.
  • Explain key events and strategic theories that contributed to the historical evolution of military theory and practice.
  • Apply principles of effective, lawful, and ethical military leadership to case studies and scenarios relevant to contemporary military conflicts.
  • Evaluate major doctrinal and technological innovations that have influenced the force structure, doctrine, and tactics of modern military forces.
  • Assess a broad range of military, non-traditional, and national security challenges that affect the UAEs national interests.
  • Critique complex defence and security issues in written, verbal, and audio-visual mediums.



Semester One

Semester (1)
CodeNameCreditsPre Req
ENG210English 2 (Gen Ed)3
MGT100Management Fundamentals3
DAS100UAE Defence and Security3
MIL100Military Strategy and Theory3
MIL110Leadership Theory3


Summer Session
CodeNameCreditsPre Req
ARA100Arabic Studies (Gen Ed – HFA)3
Elective 13
Elective 23


Semester (2)
CodeNameCreditsPre Req
ENG310English 3 (Gen Ed)3ENG210
DAS110Counterterrorism and Security3
ISL100Islamic Studies (Gen Ed – HFA)3
MIL120Military History3
MIL200Decision Science3MIL110


Semester (3)
CodeNameCreditsPre Req
MTH110Calculus 1 (Gen Ed – NSM)3
EMS100Emirates Studies (Gen Ed – HFA)3
MIL210Modern Warfare3MIL100
MIL220Law of Armed Conflict3
MIL130Human Factors for Defense and Security3


Summer Session
CodeNameCreditsPre Req
DAS200Non-traditional Security3
HUM100Ethical Studies (Gen Ed – HFA)3
Elective 33
Elective 43


Semester (4)

CodeNameCreditsPre Req
PHY100Physics 1 (Gen Ed – NSM)3MTH110
SEC290Fundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Gen Ed – SBS)3
MIL230Military Geographic Information Systems3
MIL240Military Weapons Systems3
MIL250Military Meteorology3


Semester (5)
CodeNameCreditsPre Req
MIL310Operations Research3MIL200
DAS300Regional Security3
SEC303Research Methods3
SEC305Fourth Generation Warfare3
MIL320Electronic Warfare3


Summer Session
CodeNameCreditsPre Req
MIL410Wargaming and Simulation3MIL200
MIL400Military Innovation3MIL210
Elective 53
Elective 63


Semester (6)
CodeNameCreditsPre Req
SEC490Research Project381 cr
SEC404Understanding Strategic Threats3
DAS 400Information Operations3
MIL300UAE Armed Forces3
MIL420Civil-Military Coordination3

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