Defence and Security

Highly specialised, multidisciplinary courses in military leadership, critical thinking, ethics, and joint warfighting.

Foundation Program

Foundation Program The Foundations Program prepares students to meet undergraduate admissions requirements, and ensures success in their respective program based on the students’ enrolment track. Students have up to a year to complete the Foundations Program and commence a degree program. Full Time Foundations Program Tracks Diploma Track Foundations Program Bachelor Track Foundations Program Students […]

Systems Engineering Specialising in Defence

DescriptionMissionEducational ObjectivesOutcomesPlanDescription Demand for professionals with specialised engineering knowledge and skills has never been greater. The MSE offers a wide array of resources, training, and educational opportunities to fill this gap, and support the UAE demand for technical and innovative defence expertise. As a graduate, you will join a strong network of exceptional thinkers, focused [...]

MSc Policing and Security Leadership

MissionDescriptionEducational ObjectivesProgram OutcomePlanElective CoursesMission The program prepares graduates for positions of senior responsibility as innovative, capable and resilient leaders operating to maintain public and national safety within the fields of Policing and Security, and who are able to lead within and across agencies while continuously developing and improving themselves, their teams and their organisations. Description [...]

Intelligence Analysis (MIA)

Gain skills to critically scrutinize
unstructured and often ambiguous
data within a variety of competitive,
security, and criminal contexts,
including organized crime, national
security, safety, and terrorism.

Basic Computer Skills

Program Objectives: Prepare the participants for a basic but effective use of computers  Content: Computer Vocabulary The file system: local and shared folders, opening and saving files, file properties Internet and emails: retrieving information, risks and recommended behaviors MS Word: typing and editing, formatting, tables, columns and indentation Excel: entering information, formulas, totals, formatting, charts […]

Written Communication

Program Objectives: Understand fundamentals of business writing and applying basic techniques for writing effective emails, letters and memos (e.g. content, conclusions)   Content: Characteristics of business writing, setting the purpose, understanding the audience, organizing content (Emails, Letters and Memos) Complementing writing with tables and charts Organizing writing including 3 parts to a message, paragraphs and […]

Risk Detection and Management

  Program Objectives: To provide participants with the knowledge required to apply the Risk Management process Content: Explain the Risk Management process and used risk management tools Demonstrate qualitative and quantitative risk analysis techniques Explain the concept of mitigation and fallback plans Explain the content of risk plans and list the management actions required to […]

Documentary Analysis

Program Objectives: This course would focus on contextualising, situating and assessing official non-UAE origin documents and statements both written and broadcast Content: Analysing and understanding official documents, speeches and statements by non-UAE governments, including texts of speeches by public officials. Analysis of the texts themselves, as well as contextualising and situating them through the exploitation […]


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